Mobile Marketing 

Your consumers are on the move, using their smartphones and tablets for everything from checking email and sending texts to shopping and sharing on social media. Mobile ads are evolving, and today provide an opportunity for retailers and small businesses to reach out to consumers who are nearby, or searching for your products and services, right when they need them.

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing can take many different forms, but generally speaking it includes ads that appear on smartphones, tablets, or other devices. The most common mobile marketing strategies include:

These ads can be customized using many different styles and mobile platforms, and targeted specifically for the consumer that receives the message.

Create an Instant Connection

In the old days of online marketing consumers would need a laptop or desktop computer to find your website, which meant that there was often a lag between when they saw your advertising message and when they actually searched for the information online. Today there are close to 180 million smartphone users in the U.S., and about 40 percent of all web traffic occurs on mobile devices. Since most people have their cell phones on all the time, mobile ads give you the power to reach them in an instant, and give users the power to connect with you immediately upon seeing your ads. Effective mobile marketing also encourages users to share the information with friends and family, providing more exposure and increasing brand awareness.

Simple, Valuable Messages

The best mobile ads will encourage users to take immediate action. At the Baxter Bulletin Media Group we can help you create simple messages that target your potential customers and have a clear call to action. With the ability to segment the market based on location, gender, age, interests, and other factors, mobile marketing allows you to create a targeted and direct message that will appeal to the recipients. We can also help you track responses and hone your message over time so it is even more effective.

Start Reaching Your Mobile Customers Today

Many companies are only just beginning to explore the power of mobile marketing, which means it’s a tool that offers tremendous opportunity for businesses of all sizes. It’s not highly concentrated yet, which means your message won’t have to compete to be noticed. To explore all the ways that mobile marketing can benefit your business, contact the experienced mobile display ad team at the Baxter Bulletin Media Group by calling 870-508-8080 today. Your current and potential customers are already using their smartphones every day—let us help you design a mobile campaign that will reach out to them right where they are.

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